Mission Foundations Inc.

Leaving a Legacy for Missions

Lubbock Area Baptist Association

Mission Foundation

Board of Directors


President  Jim Dulin, Southcrest BC
Vice-President Brad Pettiet, Bacon Height BC
Treasurer  O.C. Madden, FBC, Lubbock
Secretary  Candy Carroll, Bacon Heights BC


Craig Brummett Indiana Avenue BC

Tom Brian  Indiana Avenue BC

Dorathy Harvey FBC, Lubbock
Jeff Jones, Bacon Heights BC
Beverly McBeath Bacon Heights BC

Raymond Powell, Monterey BC

Wayne Vandivere  FBC, O’Donnell
Randy Smith  Oakwood BC
Carolyn Radcliffe  Highland BC
Spike Wideman, The Heights BC
Jerry Wilson, Southcrest BC

· Do you believe in the future of your church?
· Would you like to ensure that your church’s ministries continue for years to come?
· Do you have a passion for reaching unbelievers in the Lubbock Area by starting new churches?
· Have you considered including your church and/or the Association in your estate planning?
· Would you like to leave a legacy that helps your church and/or Lubbock Area Baptist churches continue the work that Jesus began?

The Lubbock Area Baptist Association Missions Foundation is a Texas nonprofit corporation in accordance with section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.