Jerry Joplin

Director of the Lubbock Area Baptist Association

"Fresh Start"


Fresh Start: Wow, what a roller coaster of a ride it has been.! My family recently spent a couple of days at Disney World, and the Rocking Roller Coaster has nothing on what Karla and I have experience the last couple of months. God has blessed me by allowing me to transition from being the pastor of a wonderful church called Bacon Heights, to being the Director of a great association called Lubbock Area Baptist Association. Honestly, my head is still spinning and feet are a little wobbly! What I know - God is still on His throne and I am convinced that His divine plan in my life is being lived out. Thus, it is with excitement and enthusiasm, and some trepidation, I start this new day in my family’s life. I do want to thank many who have written notes and expressed very kind words during this time of transition. Your expressions of support were and are greatly appreciated.


COOPERATION: For me, associational life is simple! Now, when I say “simple” that does not imply that it is easy! The concept of churches cooperating together for greater Kingdom impact is simple. We get it! Unfortunately, it is not an “easy” thing to cause to happen. As a recent pastor, I know that all of us (churches and individuals) have our agendas and very busy schedules to attempt to oversee and live out. Thus, associational involvement is just another cog on a crammed pack life. Just know, you will always have my understanding about being “busy” as a pastor, minister, or church member. At the same time, in the weeks and months to come, I hope it will be reaffirmed in your mind of our need to cooperate to see more souls reached. Cooperation is simply defined as, “working jointly towards the same end.” What is that end? Simple - “greater Kingdom impact!” It is my passion to be a catalyst in achieving this very goal. I look forward to serving our King together!


Your Director Friend,

Jerry Joplin

Director of Missions

Lubbock Area Baptist Association

4207 34th St.

Lubbock, TX 79410

Office:  (806) 791-4442

BA Hardin Simmons University 1981

M.Ed. Hardin Simmons University 1983

M.Div. Southwestern Baptist Theology Seminar, 1991

2010 - present

2010 - present


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