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RightNow Media

A streaming library of more than 20,000 Bible study videos for leaders to share with their people.  Login or request your access today.

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Ministry Opportunities

It’s time to join together and make a difference for those in need in our own community. Through ActNow we find great opportunities where we can step outside the walls of our churches to show God’s love around Lubbock. 

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Church Technology

We are living through the single biggest communication shift in 500 years and it’s just getting started.  Explore some resoureces to help your church or ministry.

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Churches Praying

Join us in prayer for our sister churches in a concerted, cohesive, unified, and a powerful prayer campaign to change the atmosphere over the churches on the South Plains and beyond.


Supply / Staff Openings

Explore our SUPPLY lists for the following: Pulpit Supply; Pianist; Music; Certified Interim Pastor; Interim Pastor; Former Missionaries; Church Staff Vacancies; and Pastorless Churches.  Contact us if your details change.

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There are many reasons for churches to invest in a Spotify account. You can create playlists of the songs sung during worships times and then share those playlists on social media.  So get Spotify and get creative!  Or just listen to our playlist. 

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