Lubbock Area Baptist Association


Our Mission & Vision

Lubbock Area Baptist Association exists to be a catalyst for churches to partner in fulfilling the Great Commission.
Lubbock Area Baptist Association desires to partner with churches in answering their calling in ministry, missions and mentoring; working together to develop encouraging relationships and healthy congregations


I Love the fact the front page of our website simply identifies itself as 




1.  There are NO geographical BOUNDARIES to THE ASSOCIATION! 

The current churches who form the Association stretch from Kansas to New Mexico to a 70-mile radius around Lubbock.  The churches that have chosen to associate are found in rural, urban and suburban communities.  There are more than 100 churches of all ethnic backgrounds who make-up The Association.  They include every style of music from contemporary to traditional.  Some of the churches are new and others have been in existence for more than 100 years.  It is also comprised of almost 80% bi-vocational pastors. With this much diversity, how does a title captivate the true essence of “What is the Lubbock Area Baptist Association?” 


2.  The Association ALSO speaks of partnering churches to fulfill a JOINT PURPOSE.  The natural image that association forms, is a connection/link to serve as a catalyst between those who choose to associate and a mandate that overshadows everything that is done.   That mandate is simply to fulfill the Great Commission one soul at a time so God may be glorified even more.  The intent is to intentionally work side by side to reach more lost people with the Good News of JESUS.  The simple truth is that more people get saved when collaboration between churches is reality.  Chris Bruno states, “When we partner with other churches, we do it because we’ve identified a need that’s too big for one church to handle.”  The Association believes that “Kingdom Partnerships thrive when there are churches that are passionate champions of the cause of Christ.”  



Jerry  Joplin


Lubbock Area  Baptist Association

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